"Jeff Keller has curated an inspiring and authentic array of colors based on indigenous soils, wild flowers and natural artifacts."

Carl Minchew, VP Color Innovation & Design. Benjamin Moore & Co.


The KELLER COLLECTION is “A collection of natural color inspired by the Rocky Mountain west” and curated by Jeff Keller. Over a period of years it has evolved from a personal hobby into a large scale project. It ultimately made sense to curate the vast assortment into a collection representing the colors & beauty of the Rocky Mountain west. Jeff’s original goal was to identify the range of color inspired by fall foliage in Montana’s Bridger Mountains, but it soon evolved to 5 categories covering the vibrant colors of wildflowers and Fall foliage along with the earth tones found in rocks, soils & natural grasses found throughout the Rocky Mountain corridor.

While every item is first & foremost COLOR, the collection also captures the beauty and diversity of the plants, soils, rocks and other natural elements that make up the Rocky Mountain landscape from New Mexico to the Canadian Rockies and west to the Sierra’s. As the Keller Collection began to take shape, so did the team behind it. Naturalist & horticulturist, Jim Foster, was brought in as a consultant to assist in the identification of the collected pieces. With his vast knowledge of all things natural, he encouraged Jeff to build the collection into what ultimately became the Keller Collection. Long-time friend Roper Green joined as the graphic designer and photographer, working to document the collection and produce our fine art print line. Jim Schumacher, another long-term friend, added his touch with our beautiful reclaimed lumber, hand-built frames and matting skils. He also built the signature display unit and matching design table to showcase the completed collection.

This unique collection has garnered the attention of top professionals in color industries. It has also been featured in an extended display at a downtown Bozeman gallery, in Bozeman art walks, and as an editorial piece in the Big Sky Journal. In hindsight, this natural collection has evolved as organically as the subject matter itself. 

For your enjoyment, we bring you the KELLER COLLECTION!